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Tanglewood, Brut

Region-California/Glass-Split/Bottle $6.00

Layered flavors of lemon custard, mineral & almond. Pair with light cream dishes with pasta, shrimp & chicken.

Pol Clement, Brut

Region-Wissenbourg France/Bottle $27.00

Focused & Vibrant with aromas of cinnamon & apple. Pair with anything….very versatile.

Kenwood, Yulupa, Brut

Region-California/Bottle $23.00

Complex with a long lasting finish of bread dough & yeast Pair with shrimp & light veal dishes.

House White Zinfandel, Peter Vella


Beautiful pink color with flavors of strawberry & guava. Pair with light cream sauces with tortellini or Ravioli.

House, Chardonnay, Peter Vella


Flavors delicately intertwine with aromas of vanilla & honey. Pair with appetizers & a wide variety of pastas

Chardonnay , William Hill

Region-California/Glass-$7.50/Bottle $29.00

Juicy peaches & lime greet the nose. Complex with nice oak notes. Pair with any cream sauce covering shrimp, calamari, & Chicken.

Sauvignon Blanc, Helena Ranch

Region- Lodi California/Glass-$6.00/Bottle $23.00

Rich, Complex & full bodied with a striking bouquet of passion fruit. Pair with chicken

Pinot Grigio, Campagnola

Region- Italy/Glass-$6.00/Bottle $23.00

Nice flavors of vanilla & spice. Ripe tropical fruits flood the palate with a lush finish.Pair with all seafood, chicken, & veal.

Riesling, J. Lohr

Region- California/Glass-$6.00/Bottle $23.00

A citrus driven Riesling with lime, zest & grapefruit. Finishes with hints of kumquat & flint. Pair with shellfish, soups & scallops..

House Cabernet Sauvignon

Region- California/Glass-$6.00

A very nice wine with good fruit & complexity. Pair with Veal, pasta & pizza.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Pennywise

Region- California/Glass-$7.00/Bottle $27.00

Very complex with layers of flavors & a long lasting finish. Pair with pasta, veal, & any hearty beef dish.

Cabernet Sauvignon, William Hill

Region- California/Glass-$8.50/Bottle $33.00

A stellar wine with lots of intense flavors of Cherry, tobacco, & raspberries. Pair with any full-bodied red sauce & beef dishes.

House Merlot, Peter Vella

Region- California/Glass-$6.00

A beautiful wine with soft tannins, but nice structure & flavor. Pair with veal, beef & pasta dishes.

Merlot, Red Rock

Region- California/Glass-$7.00/Bottle $27.00

A merlot with a little more power. Great fruit & complexity with flavors that lend themselves to food. Pair with marinara or cream sauces.

Pinot Noir, Leese Fitch

Region- California/Glass-$7.00/Bottle $27.00

Classic red fruit scents of raspberry & cherry. Full-bodied with a silky, plush finish. Pair with any seafood, chicken or veal.

Chianti, Poggio Basso

Region- Tuscany Italy/Glass-$6.50/Bottle $25.00

Flavors of sweet red cherries, crushed flowers & spices. The Sngiovese grape really shows through. Pair with any pasta with red or cream sauces.

Lambrusco, Riunite

Region- Italy/Glass-Split/Bottle $6.00

Slightly sweet with notes of bark black fruits & ripe berries. Pair with red meets & chicken dishes.

Amarone, Campagnola

Region- Italy/Bottle $6.00

Gorgeous depth with vibrant red fruit, sweet spices, tobacco & leather. Pair with hearty red meets & sauces.

Super Tuscan, Monte Antico

Region- Tuscany Italy/Bottle $31.00

Sangiovese & Merlot showing layers of blackberry. Chocolate fudge, spice & fruit decadence. Pair with full-bodied Italian food all around.

Barolo, Reversante, Piedmont

Region- Italy/Bottle $70.00

The king of Italian wines. Opens with classic Barolo aromas of red rose, wild cherry, & leather. Beautiful follow-through of raspberry, sage, mint, & thyme. Pair with any beef dish or hearty sauces.

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